Monday, November 1, 2010

Summers over...

....but it is a beautiful fall day. It was 28 degrees this morning and its working on 60 right now. Thanks to good friends, our mountain of fire wood (thank you Spencer for the saw and trailer, and Lenny and Dad for the slave labor) is completely split (thank you Dale for the splitter) and mostly stacked. Our woodstove is FINALLY installed with double-wall pipe in all the right places and I am feeling much better about the weather turning cold.

We have been watching football on Sunday nights and Noah is really into tackling. This has become a bit of a problem. Lucy is fast enough to escape but Lydia has been taking a beating. Apparently so have the kids at day care. I keep getting reassurances from friends and acquaintances that type of thing is normal for a two year old but mostly I feel relieved when I see other kids getting into trouble too.

Kass and I have been wondering if we are selling Lydia short with our "boy-centric" house. Is there some psychological reason that girls need different toys than boys do? I'm not even sure that I know what a girl toy is except that its pink. Last night at dinner, after bringing in the kids who had both been happily racing cars and making engine noises, Kass said "do you think we should get her a doll?" I feel so inadequate to teach a girl how to be a girl. I just didn't do that stuff, but I know I had some dolls and stuff when I was little so there must have been a point where I choose what I liked. Its not like I have to buy her a Barbie... is it?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

life in 100 words or less

Noah loves to wrestle Lydia vice-versa.
The kids have made up their own language.
Work is going OK, but just thinking about Monday makes me miss my kids.
I have realized that I am a real-live-bonified mom now and I am surprisingly cool with that.
Lydia is really trying to crawl but still no teeth.
Both kids are crazy about watermelon.
Lucy is afraid to got for bike rides because of the neighborhood dogs.
I love my house, my yard, and my five minute commute.
Bed is calling.

Friday, June 4, 2010

1 down, 24 to go

I have officially survived my first pay-period at the new job. I have to say that things are going pretty well in the way that new jobs do, and I have only really made an ass out of myself once or twice. My wonderful and much appreciated mom has been driving up for the past two weeks to watch the kids on Thursdays since we don't have Daycare set up for that day. I am so grateful for the safe loving homes that my kids are in while I am at work but I still feel better when they are with family. This change has been hardest on the kids (including the furry one) but I'm not ready to think about that yet.

We were all excited about starting work on our new house this weekend but the mortgage didn't process in time so we are stuck with trying to get everything done next weekend. The seller also go pissed and pulled the woodstove, range, fridge, dishwasher, and hot tub (we told her she needed to fix some un-disclosed damage or re-think her prices on the appliances she wanted to sell us so instead of doing that she just freaked out) so now we need to find some of the more necessary things on that list. It is going to be hard to get this done in the evenings after work. Tomorrow we have decided to forget about the house at least for the morning and go for a much needed hike.

We have had almost a week without snow! Hopefully it will last. I think I am just going to start wearing tee shirts regardless.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the last day of normal

Tomorrow is my last day then I start the big jump to full time on Monday. I'm sad about leaving. I remember being so excited when I got this job four years are the pictures...That is my happy dance and "pretty" face. I was stoked.

Kass said he was sure I would be a "lifer." It was my first job out of college where I actually used my degree. I traveled all over Nevada, California, and Idaho and spent one awesome summer mapping wetlands at Kirkwood.

My Boss's have been like mother hens who fussed over the weather and sent me home in company jeeps when they were worried about my car getting over the pass, loaned me trucks to move furniture, gave me all the time off that I asked for...always...every exceptions.

...and then convinced themselves that what I really wanted to do was eat, sleep, and breath GIS and pushed me like crazy to sell myself as a professional when I was just a kid with a measly BS fresh out of college. I won't miss the stress but I have to say that I have tackled and succeeded at projects that I would never have taken if I had a choice in the matter. Its been good for my confidence but really hard on my intestines.

So now I am starting my first real job without "Technician" in the title. Maybe this is the job that will make me feel like an adult. Maybe.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A very good day

today I...

-Talked to my new boss about scheduling and got the "ok" to work from home and pretty much do whatever I need to to spend time with my kids (as long as the work is getting done)

-Learned that part of my new job will be doing snow surveys (read: getting paid to heli-ski)

-heard from the realtor that the bank has approved our offer on the house and we can move in on June 3rd

- got off work early and had an extra hour to play with my kids

I've been so stressed about daycare and work stuff lately and yesterday and I have been really embarrassingly whiny. Today I have been just trying to focus on how good I have it. I am leaving a great job for another great job, not because I have to but because I CHOOSE to. I have a safe warm house. I have a real-live partner who washes dished, changes diapers, does laundry, and is dedicated to his family. I live in a massive outdoor playground. I have cars that run, a dog that doesn't bark all night, and neighbors who would drive me to the hospital if I cut off my toe and needed stitches (random dish washing worst-case-scenario). I have people that love me all over the country and I think maybe even a few in Tahoe. Life is good. Really good. I truly grateful for what I have and excited about the future. If you hear me whining about ANYTHING just give me a good smack and tell me to get over it.

Fun note: Noah can't say birthday. It comes out as "herbity" as in:" 'appy herbity ebba!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My friend died today
I remember
his beard. black then salt and pepper
his mysterious tatoos
his old beat up knees and how he wouldn't talk about it
the old trailer in the desert
lots of bear hugs
my uncle guido
old hurts he tried not to let a kid see
bad jokes
the teenagers he took in
how I kept saying that I was going to visit soon...

I saw him yesterday. I don't know if he knew i was there but we talked for an hour. I hope he remembers me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ch ch ch changes

Ok, so its been a month.

It is officially spring! All the bulbs are up and I only have two patches of snow left in the yard. Today it was almost 60 and Lydia got her first sun burn at the Earth day festivities. It smells so good outside!

We STILL haven't heard from the bank about our house but every time we talk to the Realtor he says its still looking good. Patience.

We went up to Oregon and had a great visit with Kass' folks. It rained a lot but for Noah that just means more puddles to splash in. We got to see Jarod and some friends and even had a couple of "dates" (Kass hates it when I call them that but what else do you call it when we get to leave the kids, get out of the house and spend time together? "Date" is just so nice and concise.) Anyway, THANK YOU LENNY AND IRMA!!!

While we were on vacation, Josh and Alyssa had their baby girl, Addison Saige Loubet. She is absolutely beautiful and it made me so happy to meet her. It is a completely new and different feeling to be an Aunt. Here is an amazing, tiny little addition to our family: I get to love her and watch her grow and develop, but I don't have change her poopy butt and I can give her back when she starts crying.

You know that NRCS job I mentioned in passing? Yeah, you probably didn't even notice. Well, as of May 24th I will be back on the Federal payroll as a Soil Conservationist. I am REALLY excited about the work. The job is reportedly 50% (min) field work and I won't have to leave the state and my family to do it. I will be working on some watershed scale erosion control projects with sounds like a ton of fun. I have been dreaming of this job since I graduated from UWyo...but its full time. We think we can juggle out schedules so that we only have to have the kids in daycare three days a week, but it is going to be tough. We have prayed and stressed about this and then jumped in when the job came through so we will just see what happens. It is only a Term position (meaning it is guaranteed for anywhere between 13 months and 4 years) and it is SNPLMA funded which means there is a good chance of it lasting at least three years (until those funds dry up). I figure we can try it for a year and if I can't cope I can just go back to RCI with some great experience and get my part time schedule back. I am really nervous about how I am going to handle the schedule but I feel like this is the door that God is opening now so I should just trust and go through it.